KLE BCA Placements

The Department of Placement & Training was established as a separate entity in the year 2015. The Department presently coordinates with many leading organizations which recruits Management, Commerce & Computer Applications graduates for entry level positions in their respective organizations. In the year of inception, the department modestly established contact with about 30 organizations and placed 296 number of students. With every passing year, the number of recruiting organizations have increased in geometric progression on an average of about 100 nationally renowned organizations visiting the campus annually to conduct their recruitment process in our campus. For the 2018 batch, 330 offers have been made by 100 companies/organizations.

Today, KLE is one of the preferred academic institute for a large number of organizations for recruiting our graduates. The biggest names in the corporate world visit the campus on a regular basis, with enviable recruitment offers. There is tremendous competition amongst companies to visit the campus to recruit the best talents of the institution.

The institution stands as the preferred destination for students who aspire to grow, learn and reach beyond the ordinary; which is why some of the world’s finest companies visit us and discover the best minds available. Our placement process is extremely successful. Majority of students who are interested in securing jobs through campus placements succeed in doing so. As a result, most of our students have their career paths charted much before graduation. The progress of the recruitment programs can be judged by the increasing total number of offers made each year.

Sl No Student Name USN Email Id Phone Number Company Name CTC Designation
1 Kavya S 186MSB7045 9353290633 PlanetSpark 4 LPA Business development trainee
1 Kavya S 186MSB7045 9353290633 Wipro 1.9 LPA WILP
2 Sidharth S 186MSB7113 9846403581 Infosys 2.2 LPA Operations Executive
3 Niranjan H B 186MSB7074 8050319455 Wipro, Infosys, Hexaware 1.6 LPA, 2.2LPA, 2.3LPA Scholar trainee, operations executive, software trainee
4 Brunda M 186MSB7021 8431294981 FIS, Infosys,wipro,tcs,dxc,bank zone 3.8lpa, 2.2lpa,15k permonth,1.9 lpa,2.5lpa,10k permonth IT associate, operation executive,scholar trainee,IT traine,global support,support desk
5 Prajwal S Ram 186MSB7084 6363025001 Wipro 2.0 LPA Scholar Trainee
6 Bhavya H 186MSB7018 9663987913 Infosys 2.2 LPA Operations executive
7 Sahana j s 186msb7098 9742988334 Infosys 2.2LPA Operations executive
8 Hemasri R 186MSB7041 9483628085 Wipro , Infosys 1.8, 2.2 Scholar trainee , Operations Executive Role
9 Archana g 186MSB7009 7760344855 FIS, Wipro, Bank zone 3.82LPA ,2LPA ,2LPA IT Trainee ,Scholar trainee .
10 Madhuri N 186MSB7056 9071282020 Wipro, TCS Wipro - 1,85,856 LPA ; TCS - 1,90,926 LPA Wipro - Scholar trainee ; TCS - Graduate trainee
11 Bindu N 186MSB7020 9902890551 Infosys. Wipro Infosys-2.2 LPA. Wipro-1.85 LPA Infosys- Operation executive role. Wipro- Scholar trainne
12 Varshitha k 186MSB7132 9620659097 Wipro 1.85 LPA Scholar trainee
13 Tejashwini K 186MSB7127 9980310360 Infosys 2.2 LPA Operations Executive role
14 Lavanya S R 186MSB7053 8971105518 Infosys 2.2LPA Operations Executive
15 Amrutha B 186MSB7004 7760949894 Wipro 1.8 LPA WILP
16 Lakshmi A G 186MSB7051 7022555209 TCS 1.9LPA Graduate Traineee
17 Kavana sm 186MSB7044 9740551199 Wipro 1.8LPA Scholar trainne
18 SARATH A KUMAR 186MSB7105 8330070348 INFOSYS , TCS 2.22 LPA INFOSYS, TCS - Operation Executive ,
19 Sowjanya N 186MSB7117 9740831168 TCS 1.9 LPA Graduate trainee
20 Keerthi H 186MSB7046 9036101702 WIPRO 1.9 LPA WILP'21
21 Keerthi H 186MSB7046 9036101702 Infosys 2.2 LPA Operation Executive
22 Sanjay P


SL No NAME Company 1 Company 2 Company 3 Company 4
1 MANASA A Deloitte Cognizant


3 KEERTHANA H Infosys Cognizant

4 MADHU S Wipro Cognizant vee technology

6 POOJA R Infosys Concentrix

7 PRIYANKA G Infosys

8 GAGANA A Infosys Cognizant




12 SUSHMA C Infosys

13 RAHUL L TCS Capgemini Concentrix
14 CHETHAN A TCS Capgemini Concentrix
15 CHAITRA H K Wipro
16 SWATHI G Infosys

17 SHASHANK R U Concentrix

Sustained Excellence in Training, Placement and Career Orientation.

To train the students in Soft skills & Personality Development, Analytical skills, Industrial orientation and thus, help them to get placed in reputed industries