Mr. Chetan H N

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    2 Years

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Mr. Chetan H N

Assistant Professor
  • MSc. Jnana Bharathi Campus, Bangalore University 2019
  • BSc. (PMCs) Vijaya Main Degree College,Banglore University. 2017

Research & Publications

  • An Attempt of Python Programming with Differential Equations under the guidance of Dr. B. Chaluvaraju, Professor, Dept of Mathematics (February 2019-July 2019), Bangalore University, Bangalore


  • Webinar on Creating Impactful Presentation Master Class conducted by Safe Job
  • Webinar on Mathematical Perspectives on Computational Science and Engineering conducted by MSRIT
  • Digital teacher Badge by ICT Academy
  • Webinar on Introduction to Python conducted by Pallavi Engineering College
  • Webinar on Mathematical Modelling and Sample Size Determination in Research conducted by GIS
  • Webinar on Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Physics conducted by AG & SG Siddhartha Degree College
  • Webinar on Number Theory and its Applications to Cryptography conducted by NIE, Mysuru.