Certifications courses

Certifications courses

Coursera for campus

Coursera for Campus enables faculty and staff to rapidly upskill and catch up on emerging areas. Universities can also use the platform to help incoming students be prepared on day one. Coursera for Campus has been launched after extensive pilots in more than 20 university campuses around the world.

  • The world’s most in-demand skills are now accessible to our students, faculty and alumni on Coursera.
  • Hundreds of our students are currently building job-relevant skills on Coursera, the world’s leading online learning platform.
  • Become more job-ready! When they’re one skill away from getting their dream job, our students are closing the gap with Coursera.

Data analytics, Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Law, AI, machine learning, cloud computing, block chain, and more - our student community is turbocharging their skills on Coursera

Palo Alto Cyber security courses

Through a global network of approved cybersecurity academies, students prepare for cybersecurity careers. They will learn cybersecurity fundamentals, network security, cloud security and how a security operations centre (SOC) works via the hands-on curriculum.

  • Range of entry-level through advanced courses on today's cybersecurity landscape, threat prevention and next generation technology for cloud security, network security and Secure Operation Centre operations
  • Hands-on labs to teach cybersecurity job skills

Css Corp Training

  • Developing and enhancing of Soft Skills and Technical Skills to help students in their career .
  • Skill enhancement in trending technologies


  • KLE Society's Degree college, Nagarabhavi for conductance and successful completion of the NEW INDIA LEARNATHON 2020, organized by ICT Academy during May- June 2020

UiPath DevCon-2020

  • Presented to KLE Society’s Degree College, Nagarbhavi, for an encouraging participation from educators and students at UiPath DevCon-2020

UiPath Academic RPA Champ-2019

  • This certificate is presented to KLE Society’s Degree College, Nagarbhavi In recognition to successfully meeting the program requirements for UiPath Academic RPA Champ 2019

Skilledge Technology Foundational Courses April-2021.

  • STATE WINNER - Proudly presented to KLE Society Degree College, Bengaluru securing Third Place in the State of Karnataka for successfully conducting Skilledge Technology Foundational Courses April 2021